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    It was a take down orchestrated by those who love the rhetoric of climate change causing everything bad in this world. It didn't fit the agenda going on right now in CA, for example. Actually it was 16,000 LIKES and 62,000 SHARES worldwide before FB dumped on it.
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    Don't Be Afraid -- Give That Speech! Here's how...

    Whether it's the Boy Scouts, your church, landuse, Lion's club or a campfire with friends, saying something out loud, or giving a speech is frightening for many of us. Here's my take on making it easier and less fearful based on about 3000 speeches I've given...
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    Jeep Articles on More of...

    What do you enjoy most about ModernJeeper (magazine, online) and what would you like to see more of? 1) Industry News; 2) Land Use; 3) Product Reviews: 4) Tech Tips; 5) Gallery Pics (just pics of Jeeps in action); 6) Jeeping Lifestyle and travel blogs; 7) Podcasts; or what? We're always trying...
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    Help with fast idle.

    I'm not the best expert here, but on my 4.0 when it did that we found bad wiring at the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS). It was actually kind of loose at the fitting/connection too. Well, then there was the time on the Rubicon when it was doing that and my floor mat was jammed up into the...
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    Rock Rash

    great shot!
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    Ask The Expert- tire size & rubbing

    Year, make, model of Jeep?
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    Toys for Tots Run 12/14/2019

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    Gold Country 4x4 Toy Drive this Saturday starting at 9AM

    always a great day for a worthy cause...
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    Best Jeep Rooftop Tents

    I'm still torn between a rooftop and a tent trailer.
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    Happy Thanksgiving 2019

    Thank you for being on the team with us. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
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    Any TJ's Left :)

    TJ's still rock! But wow, have the JK's JL's and now JT's taken over or what?
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    Oceano (Pismo) Dunes SVRA Closing

    A lot of groups and folks are fighting hard against this tidal wave of Glamis years ago. We should support those who are fighting for us. Fight for Oceano Dunes; Friends of Oceano; Cal4wheel; whatever. Pick a group. Send some support.
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    22 Years Building a TJ

    Part 2 is up and running. Let me know what you think.